Fruits and vegetables grown in respect for the ecosystem.


The Grocery section in Avril is characterized by an incredible variety of certified organic fruits and vegetables, fair trade, ecological and local products. Avril is also offering a selection of meat without chemical additives and certified organic, a large gluten-free section, and lot more.

Suplements, vitamins and minerals.


Providing quality food supplements is part of Avril’s mission. Many specialists such as, naturopaths, homeopaths, herbalists, are available to offer advices and answering your questions. Make an appointment with our naturopaths for a private consultation.

Naturals Cosmetics, tips, tricks and personalized service.


Avril is also offering a range of naturals and organics Cosmetics and Makeup. Specialized beauticians in natural cosmetics are available to give advices and can make personalized aesthetics care in cabin.

  • Lately

    • ISO Family Certification given to 17 shops and collaborators

      Whether a business or a public place, the recipients of an ISO Family certification have in common to make their establishment more friendly and accessible to families with children, from infants to 5 year-olds.

    • Avril Health foods wishes to open a new store in the Montreal area

      Avril health food plans to open a new store in the coming year. Only 18 months after opening its third branch in the Quartier DIX30 of Brossard, the Granby chain plans to launch in 2013 a fourth supermarket dedicated to natural and organic products.

    • Avril health foods: Slow and steady wins the race

      The popularity of Avril health food stores is undeniable. A fourth branch is scheduled to open on the North Shore of Montreal next year. And it is not excluded that the Granby store may possibly expand. No specific timetable has yet been established, however, said Sylvie Senay, owner of the banner with her husband, Rolland Tanguay.

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