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Healthy living according to Félix Daigle

Virginie Gourdreault asked Félix Daigle, director of specialized training at the Mansfield Club of Brossard, what healthy living means to him. Fitness being part of his daily life, he crafted this summer training regimen.Read (in French)


3 retreats to try this summer

Read (in French)

3 ways to exfoliate

Read (in French)

Carrot juice

Carrots are a great ally for natural beauty. In French.Learn more

Anxiety, depression and insomnia: lactic acid awareness

Could lactic acid be the root of some anxiety problems or be linked to insomnia?Read (in French)


Vegetarian pesto lasagna



Greens and salmon bowl



Must-haves for seasonal allergic rhinitis

Read (in French)

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Olive oil

Either vivid and distinguished or elegant and balanced, olive oil is a pleasure to discover.Buy this product

Massage therapy

To restore flexibility and amplitude of muscle and movement or simply to relax, massage therapy is a great start. In french only.Learn more

Healthy aging program

The great quest for eternal youth touches almost everyone. This natural process may be delayed with healthy life choices. In French only.Read