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CONFERENCE : Healing power of mushrooms

CONFERENCE : Healing power of mushrooms

Recognized and prized in Europe and Asia, medicinal fungi have many beneficial effects on overall health. In addition to immune system stimuli, they help fight stress by their tonic and adaptogenic functions.

Graduated from the Institut Naturopathique du Québec, Jean-François Dubois, naturopathic therapist, has been working in this field for nearly 10 years. Eager to help and prevent all sorts of health problems, he is passionate about mycotherapy and the benefits it brings to health. Mr. Dubois invites you to this educational conference to know the therapeutic virtues of certain mushrooms and more particularly those of the Host Defense products created by renowned mycologist Paul Stamets.

Event date: February 22nd at 7:00 PM in Levis

Event location: Lévis

Price: Free


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