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CONFERENCE : Hypnosis, for a better version of one’s self

CONFERENCE : Hypnosis, for a better version of one’s self

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool of transformation and personal development, with technical and is not a mysterious gift, brings in what is called an altered state of consciousness. Among these states, there are the following: awake, asleep, meditative and hypnotized. In other words, sleep is the conscious to work directly with the unconscious, that it never sleeps and watches over the body systems. In the hypnotized state, it is possible to clean and reprogram false beliefs, removing blockages and energize solutions. The mind and thought are forces exploitable through hypnosis, with the intention, attention, visualization, imagination and will.

This conference will demystify what is hypnosis and especially what is holistic hypnosis. Your host will discuss her tools, functioning and what it can for you.

With Rosanne Bérubé.

Event date: November 1st at 7:00 PM in Quebec

Event location: Québec

Price: Free


(418) 425-0255 ext. 1627

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