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Introduction to living food

Introduction to living food

This introductory conference demystifies the keys to optimal health through a high quality lifestyle that honors cuisine and its pleasures.

Au cours des deux heures de conférence: nous faisons un survol des fondements de base de l’alimentation vivante, une approche culinaire remplie de promesses de santé, mais aussi d’enjeux personnels et sociaux; une description de la série de cours offerts par l’Académie Crudessence pour répondre à vos besoins et intérêts spécifiques.

During the two-hour conference,an overview of the basic foundations of living food will be made, a culinary approach with health as a benefit, but also personal and social issues; a description of the series of courses offered by the Crudessence Academy to meet your specific needs and interests.

Each course invites you to explore the science, philosophy and techniques of living food … simply and with passion.

The living kitchen completely revolutionized the way we view food. It gives a whole new perspective to food, its production, its impact on the environment and our daily habits, our quality of life and, ultimately, to our relationship to the world.

During this conference:

  • Living food basics
  • Academy courses overview
  • Promotions and rebates on courses 



Event date: February 28th at 6:30 PM in Brossard

Event location: Brossard

Price: Free


1 (450) 443-4127 ext. 1331