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Workshop on raw, living food

Workshop on raw, living food

Having completed her training as a Life Coach and in rational-emotive and cognitive therapy, also obtaning a living food certification, chef training in raw food diet, Jocelyne Lavergne has complemented her field experience with food coaching approach. She offers several years of workshops and conferences on raw and living food so that everyone can benefit from this new knowledge.
Jocelyne Lavergne, teacher specializing in anti-inflammatory nutrition mentions that eating less acidifying foods, exercising regularly, which brings more oxygen to the body, drinking quality water and managing your emotions, brings you benefits to your health.
The May 7th workshop will cover an initiation to raw, living food.
(The workshop wil be held in French)

Event date: May 7th, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Event location: Granby

Price: 60.00$


1 (450) 994-4794 ext. 1127