Avril Supermarché Santé

Welcome to our FAQ section. You will find the list here, ordered by subject:

Your online account

What is “My grocery list”?
  • This convenient feature allows you to save products that you wish to order on a recurrent basis. You can add products from your list directly to your shopping cart, to save time during your future orders.

Privilege card

Can I use my Avril dollars online?
  • Yes, all you have to do is to create an account and to associate your card number (16 digits at the back). When you check out your order, you will be asked if you want to pay with your Avril dollars or not.
What is a virtual Privilege card? 
  • A virtual Privilege card is automatically attributed to you when you create an account and you indicate that you do not already own a physical Privilege card (available in store). Free, this virtual card will allow you to accumulate Avril dollars on your online purchases and even in store if you print it in the “My Privilege card” section of your online account. 

Online orders

What is the shipping time for an online purchase?
  • The shipping time depends on your location and the selected delivery method. If you want further information, please read our shipping policy.

Gift card

Can I use my Avril gift card for my online purchases?
  • As for now, it is not possible to checkout with a gift card on our website. The use of the gift card is strictly meant for in-store purchases. If you order a gift card on Avril.ca, you will receive a physical gift card that you will only be allowed to use in store.