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10 activities to do during the quarantine

10 activities to do during the quarantine

From cooking to taking time for yourself, here are ten activities you can do during the confinement period.

Trying new recipes

With our busy weeks, we tend to cook the same recipes over and over again. Let’s take advantage of this break to try new ones and to involve the children in the kitchen! Check out our Recipes section for a bunch of simple and healthy recipes.

Making your own yogurt

Have you been wanting to make your own yogurt for a while? This period of confinement is the perfect opportunity to get started! The first step? Put your hands on an electric yogurt maker.

Exploring fermentation

It’s no secret that fermented foods, such as sauerkraut and kimchi, have many health benefits, especially with regards to the digestive and immune systems. Why not make them at home and (finally!) integrate them into your diet? Click here for the basic material.

Reinventing your coffee breaks

Because there is nothing more pleasant than warming up a day of teleworking or an afternoon of home cooking with a delicious warm beverage…Take this opportunity to discover the multiple coffee alternatives available on the market: Lattes from Maygan, Lattes from Organic Traditions, Mylk Lattes from Organika, Instant Blends from Botanica, Yerba Mate from Mateina, etc.

Planting your seedlings

The arrival of spring is a good time to start your garden by planting your seedlings. From seeds (vegetables and herbs) to sprouts, we have everything you need!

Spring cleaning

There is no better time than this quarantine period to thoroughly clean your house and do your spring cleaning! Did you know that we have a wide selection of effective and safe household products? Find them here.

Going green

One of the positive aspects of this downtime is that it allows us to put several things into perspective and to reassess some of our habits. What if in the coming months we challenged ourselves to becoming greener? Here are our product suggestions (article 1 and article 2) to inspire you.


Because it allows us to get away from it all, reading is a favorite pastime of ours. Visit our online magazine (containing a wealth of educational and inspiring articles) and our bookstore section (including books on food, health, wellness, aromatherapy, etc.)

Treating yourself to a “home spa” session

Relaxing is essential to keep your balance. Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation, by giving yourself a facial treatment or by improvising a “home spa” session.

Learning how to meditate

In a situation like the one we are currently in, nothing is more important than taking the time to recenter and breathe. To help you, we invite you to read the article “Meditation made simple” by expert Nicole Bordeleau. Namaste!

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