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10 Christmas gift ideas four yourself or for your loved ones

10 Christmas gift ideas four yourself or for your loved ones

As we approach the holiday season, I share with you my favourite gift ideas. Here are 10 products to take care of yourself or your loved ones.

1. Rhassoul Clay Mask – AGASAYA

I discovered this miracle product two years ago. Made with purifying volcanic clay imported from Morocco, this facial treatment opens the pores and holds on to impurities, leaving the skin smooth and silky. Interesting fact: since Rhassoul clay does not contain surfactants (agents with harmful effects on the upper layers of the epidermis), this made-in-Quebec product is suitable for all skin types, even those prone to eczema or rosacea.

2. Serum Elixir – Idoine

Idoine skin care products have been at the heart of my beauty routine for a year now. Formulated with moringa oil and therapeutic essential oils, they are vegan and made from natural and almost only organic ingredients. When my skin is doing well, I use the sensitive skin range; when my skin has acne (during my menstrual cycle), I go for the combination skin range. In both cases, my must have product is the Serum Elixir, from the anti-aging range. I apply it before my day and night creams to deeply moisturize my skin and enhance my complexion.

3. Make-up Remover Pads – OLA Bamboo

This set of 16 reusable, biodegradable bamboo fibre make-up remover pads from Quebec brand OLA Bamboo is a must for an eco-responsible beauty routine. In addition to being soft to the skin, they are machine washable (in a bag provided for this purpose), can be tumble-dried and come in a pretty bamboo box.

4. Stimulating Body Brush – Urban Spa

Dry brushing, using a stimulating body brush, is an Ayurvedic wellness ritual that I could not do without. It helps to exfoliate and soften the skin, but especially to activate the lymph nodes, which promotes better elimination of toxins and other metabolic waste. To learn more about its benefits and how to do it properly, I invite you to read (in French) these articles published on blondstory.com: “13 raisons d’incorporer le brossage à sec à son rituel quotidien pour bénéficier de ses effets détox” and “L’ABC du brossage à sec en hiver“.

5. Essential Oil Diffusers

For almost two years now, I have been very interested in aromatherapy and its benefits to overall health. That’s why I asked Marie Dionne, aromatherapist and founder of Vivia Aromatherapy, to collaborate with me on the Blond Story team. I invite you to watch the first video we created together about the diffusion of essential oils. She will teach you more about the benefits of integrating this wellness accessory with your decor. For my part, I have one in my office (where I diffuse essential oils conducive to concentration) and one in my living room (where I diffuse oils for relaxation).

6.Salt Lamp – Lampe de Sel

A salt lamp not only looks nice in your house, but also helps block electromagnetic waves generated by technological devices, improves air quality and promotes a sense of calmness. Indeed, the negative ions produced by the salt lamp help create a relaxing and sleep-friendly environment. That’s why I have one on my bedside table: to benefit from its many properties and to calm my mind before going to bed.

7. Matcha Gift Set – Camellia Sinensis

What better way to discover matcha (my favourite energy drink!) than this gift set? In addition to being pretty, it includes everything needed to make the perfect matcha drink: green tea powder, a measuring spoon, a whisk and whisk stand and a small ceramic drinking bowl. Personally, I love to take the time to prepare it in the traditional way, whisking my green tea with hot water and adding a little frothed milk to make a latte version. You will love it!

8. Germinator

Want to add more nutrients and minerals to your diet? My suggestion: grow your own sprouts and microgreens. To do this, it is advisable to start with a germinator.

9. Book: La Fraîche: Mon récit culinaire en plus de 50 recettes (in French)

If you have already started reducing your meat consumption or would like to do so, I strongly suggest this book by my friend Evelyne Auger. It includes over 50 simple and tasty recipes, as well as many tips and tricks to help you fully appreciate vegetarian cuisine.

10. Avril Gift Card

Finally, offering an Avril gift card is always a good idea. The person who will receive it will be able to spend it on whatever they want during their next visit to one of Avril’s eight branches!

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