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10 must-have products for the best bath ever

10 must-have products for the best bath ever

Need a hot bath and a moment to relax? Here are 10 products to help you create a spa-like experience at home.

La Belle Excuse – Exfoliating sea salt soap bar

Made with olive oil and sea salt, this soap gently removes impurities, leaving the skin soft, luminous and easier to moisturize.

Dr.Hauschka – Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence

This soothing body lotion envelops and protects the skin with its combination of lavender essential oil, sweet almond and avocado oils, and moor extract.

Zorah Biocosmetics – Rozo Body Scrub

In addition to removing impurities and dead skin cells, this microcrystalline sugar scrub heals, hydrates and regenerates the skin deeply.

ABIO Cosmetic – Effervescence Bath Bombs

These fizzy Epsom salt and Dead Sea salt bath bombs promote relaxation, accelerate healing, improve circulation and relieve muscle and rheumatic pains.

Daniele Henkel – Renaissance Exfoliating Glove

Made with natural fiber derived from vegetable cellulose (eucalyptus and spruce), this glove removes dead skin cells, activates and improves blood microcirculation and prepares the skin for hair removal by releasing ingrown hairs.

Weleda – Citrus Creamy Body Wash

Made with essential oils of lemon and organic sesame, it cleanses the skin, preserves it from drying out and gives it a feeling of freshness.

Epsom Gel -Triple Lavender Epsom Salt

Rich in magnesium, Epsom salt is known for its relaxing and therapeutic benefits. This Avril favorite is enriched with three different lavender essential oils.

Agasaya – Rhassoul Clay Mask

This purifying mask is made from volcanic clay from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It eliminates impurities and blemishes, for a visibly softer and brighter skin.

Le Comptoir Aroma – Iris Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser uses ultrasound to instantly vaporize the water and essential oils producing a fresh, fragrant and therapeutic mist.

Mont Echo – Soie Divine Sea Buckthorn Body Butter

This blend of butters (shea, mango, cocoa and cupuacu) and oils (coconut and sea buckthorn) contributes to the regeneration, toning, healing and comforting of the skin. Apply it just after the bath.

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