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10 product suggestions for a perfect Valentine’s Day

10 product suggestions for a perfect Valentine’s Day

Want to plan the perfect evening for the person you love? Be inspired by our 10 product suggestions.

1. Bourgogne wines – Rolland Naturellement

Selected by Avril’s co-founder Rolland Tanguay, this quartet of chardonnays and pinot noirs reflects the richness of the Burgundy vineyard, one of the oldest and most prestigious in France.

2. T’es bulle à croquer Sparkling rosé cider – Michel Jodoin

To be served as an appetizer with seafood or cheese, this locally produced cider – made with McIntosh and Geneva apples – gives off festive floral and fruity aromas!

3. Cheese and beer fondue – L’Ancêtre

Prepared in Quebec, this organic and lactose-free fondue – made with medium and extra-strong cheddar and Swiss cheese – is perfect for a dinner for two.

4. Dulce de leche brownies – Avril Naturellement

Made from 85% dark chocolate and dulce de leche caramel, your heart will melt for our homemade Avril Naturellement brownies!

5. Dark chocolate bars – Camino

Notice to chocolate lovers: these organic, fair-trade and gluten-free bars made in Switzerland are available in a variety of flavours that are as unique as they are delectable!

6. Chocolate pearls and buttons – Naturellement Gourmet

These gourmet products from our home brand Naturellement Gourmet – available in four flavours: Yuzu 34% cocoa, Ariaga Milk 38% cocoa, Dark Pearl 55% cocoa, Raspberry 36% cocoa – are just divine!

7. Gelatos and sorbets – Naturellement Gourmet

Prepared in the traditional Italian style, our home brand gelatos and sorbets stand out for their exceptional texture and taste.

8. Love herbal tea – Pukka

Made with rose, lavender and chamomile flowers, this organic infusion will warm your heart.

9. Bath bombs – Level Naturals

In addition to promoting relaxation, these effervescent bath bombs are made from extracts of essential oils to create the most exotic fragrances.

10. Rose Nurturing bath essence – Dr.Hauschka

This organic and natural body lotion, made with rose water, rose essential oil, rose petal extract and sweet almond and jojoba oils, elegantly envelops the skin and the senses.

+ Valentine’s Day meal kit

Show your love with our cheese and chocolate fondue meal for two! From appetizers to wine to dessert, you’ll have everything you need (except candles and flowers!) to make your evening the most romantic of evenings! Order it here.


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