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10 products to pamper yourself

10 products to pamper yourself

Because offering yourself the gift of wellness should be a priority, here are ten product suggestions to inspire you.

1. Diffusers – Le Comptoir Aroma

In addition to being beautiful decorative objects, Le Comptoir Aroma’s essential oil diffusers not only allow you to purify the air in your home, but also to enjoy the full health benefits of aromatherapy.

2. Essential Oil Blends – Pranarôm

Whether to help with relaxation, meditation, breathing or strengthening natural defenses, these organic and natural essential oil blends by Pranarôm promote all around well-being.

3. Spruce Warming Bath Essence – Dr.Hauschka

This organic and natural bath oil promotes relaxation thanks to its pine needle extract and revitalizes the skin thanks to its jojoba oil. A must-have for a spa session at home!

4. Hand and Foot Cream – Idoine

This rich and creamy organic cream, from Quebec-based brand Idoine, contains Labrador tea (which helps neutralize the free radicals responsible for skin aging) and spearmint (which provides a soothing feeling with each application).

5. Anti-Aging Hydrogel Mask and Hydrogel Patches – Revelox

These facial masks from Quebec-based company Revelox have a hydrogel-based formula that is enriched with hyaluronic acid, marine collagen as well as moisturizing and anti-aging active ingredients. The mask restores softness, suppleness and radiance to the skin, while the eye patches correct wrinkles and fine lines.

6. Therapeutic Cushions – Amma Thérapie

In addition to being ecofriendly and made in Quebec, Amma Thérapie’s therapeutic cushions are natural made from organic grains. They can be used every day for both pain relief and relaxation.

7. Skin Brushes – Bernard Jensen

Dry or wet brushing has many virtues. It eliminates dead skin and promotes cell regeneration, in addition to stimulating the lymphatic system and encouraging the elimination of toxins, which is beneficial for the immune system.

8. Instant latte mixes – Botanica

Organic and vegan, Botanica’s instant latte blends reinvent traditional Ayurvedic drinks! Made with whole foods specially selected for their health virtues (turmeric, reishi, ashwagandha, lavender, etc.), they will comfort you from the very first sip!

9. Omega3+ JOY – Genuine Health

What’s special about Genuine Health’s Omega3+ JOY supplements? They help improve the mood by alleviating the symptoms of seasonal depression. They also support cognitive health and brain function and reduce inflammation in the body.

10. Book Tout passe by Nicole Bordeleau (French) – Éditions Édito

Looking for an inspiring read? Through this book, Nicole Bordeleau, author, speaker, yoga master and meditation teacher, shares memories, anecdotes and life lessons to help us answer the question “How do we welcome change in our lives with serenity ?”


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