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5 skin moisturizing products for the winter

5 skin moisturizing products for the winter

Exposing the skin to cold and warm environments has dehydrating effects, hence it is important to incorporate to your winter beauty routine specific products that are nourishing and soothing. Here are our five favourites.

AQUANATURE Smoothing Day Cream – AnneMarie Börlind

This natural, vegan facial skin care cream is designed to moisturize, smooth and regenerate dry skin. It is made with hyaluronic acid and salicornia extract, which improve hydration of the epidermis, as well as papyrus stem cells, which strengthen the skin barrier. Note: The creamy texture of this product makes it an ideal base for makeup. (Use: apply in the morning on cleansed and toned skin.)

Hydration Serum Renaissance – Pai

Formulated for sensitive skin that does not generally tolerate serums, this natural, vegan facial care moisturizes without irritating, helps reduce dry areas in the face and brings radiance to the complexion. Among its components: hyaluronic acid and a trio of Australian berries, which help maintain the natural level of hydration of the skin, as well as coconut extract, which softens the texture of the skin. (Use: apply before the day or night cream on cleansed and toned skin.)

Antidote HB5 Epidermal Hydration Amplifier – Corpa Flora

Made in Canada, this vegan facial treatment prevents the effects of aging caused by dehydration. Hyaluronic acid optimizes hydration of the skin, while provitamin B5 strengthens the natural barrier of the skin, soothes the skin and intensifies its ability to stay hydrated. (Use: to be applied with day cream or night cream on a cleansed and toned skin, or as a mask by letting it sit for about ten minutes before rinsing.)

Skin Food Body Butter – Weleda

This organic and natural body care is rich in shea and cocoa seed butter that leave the skin feeling velvety soft.  Use it to lock in moisture after a bath or shower. Interesting fact: this cream penetrates quickly without leaving a greasy layer. (Use: apply on the body after showering or bathing.)

Lip balm with hyaluronic acid – Episilk

Made with hyaluronic acid, beeswax and cocoa butter, it is ideal for moisturizing dry lips. As a bonus, it gives them a naturally plumped look.

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