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A multi-purpose collagen supplement

A multi-purpose collagen supplement

Looking for a multifunctional collagen supplement? Thanks to its synergistic blend of ingredients, Total Body Collagen is worth considering. Details below.

The role of collagen

Collagen accounts for 30 to 35% of the body’s total protein content. Present in all the different structures of the organism (skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, connective tissues, etc.), it ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of all these tissues1. As the body ages, it decreases its natural production of collagen, which leads to the deterioration of body structures, giving way to joint pain and the appearance of signs of aging on the skin. Incorporating a collagen supplement into your diet helps prevent collagen deficiency.

Total Body Collagen

Total Body Collagen is a supplement available in tablet or powder form (unflavoured or orange and pomegranate natural flavours). It is free of gluten, antibiotics, and hormones. It is made from Verisol collagen, a synergistic blend of hydrolyzed bovine collagen type I and III ingredients, nutrients (vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and biotin), L-glutamine and L-tryptophan. Among its benefits, Total Body Collagen:

- Promotes the production of natural collagen

- Relieves joint pain associated with osteoarthritis

- Supports the growth of lean muscle mass and recovery after training

- Keeps bones, teeth, gums and cartilage healthy

- Reduces wrinkles and fine lines on the face

- Increases the elasticity and density of the skin

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