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A.Vogel Allergy Relief: an effective homeopathic solution

A.Vogel Allergy Relief: an effective homeopathic solution

Your allergies are back and you want to treat your symptoms in a natural way? Learn more about A.Vogel Allergy Relief right here!

What is an allergic reaction?

An allergic reaction occurs when the immune system is exposed to a pathogen to which it is intolerant. The body can react by developing itchy eyes and/or nose, rashes, mucus, diarrhea, nausea, etc. These symptoms indicate that the immune system is trying to get rid of the allergen as quickly as possible.

 Allergy Relief by A.Vogel

Since it is impossible to completely avoid pathogens, remedies that can reduce the unpleasant effects of the immune response are very useful. A.Vogel Allergy Relief is a homeopathic preparation that relieves sneezing, itching of the nose, eye irritation and watery eyes. Once ingested, toxins (produced by the allergic mechanism) that overload the immune system are flushed out and the body returns to normal. Easy to use, this sugar and gluten-free product – available at Avril in the form of tablets and tincture – is suitable for all types of allergies, does not create addiction nor drowsiness and has no side effects or counter-indications. Furthermore, it can be taken by pregnant women and children two years of age and older, which is particularly significant since antihistamine drugs cannot usually be prescribed to children.

 Additional means to minimize allergic reactions:

  1. Before and during the allergy period, avoid eating mucus-forming foods (butter or cream sauces, MSGs, colt cuts, fried foods, dairy products, alcohol, bananas, gluten-containing foods, refined sugar, etc.).
  2. Be kind to your body by avoiding fast food and caffeinated beverages.
  3. Do a general cleansing treatment to prevent mucus build-up in the body.
  4. Get enough sleep and exercise to re-energize the immune system.
  5. Avoid smoking and second-hand smoke. Tobacco smoke promotes various forms of allergies1.

 About A.Vogel

Founded in 1923 by Alfred Vogel (Swiss pioneer of naturopathy), the A.Vogel brand offers remedies and natural and effective medicinal products from freshly harvested plants, as well as food supplements and healthy foods from organic raw materials. “Nature is a great healer. It is up to humans to effectively strengthen natural processes, through appropriate measures. “Alfred Vogel (1902 – 1996).

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(This content was developed in partnership with our supplier A.Vogel.)


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