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Agasaya: beauty products of rare purity

Agasaya: beauty products of rare purity

Quebec brand AGASAYA firmly believes that skin care products should contain no more than five (all natural) ingredients. Find out more about these beauty products of rare purity.

Founded in 2014 by Camélia Bounhar, AGASAYA stands out for its minimalist approach towards skin care. Indeed, these products contain less than five ingredients each: “Reducing the number of ingredients allows us to fully enjoy their benefits,” says the founder. Another distinguishing feature: AGASAYA products are made with rare ingredients of high purity. Rhassoul clay, prickly pears and Barbary fig oil are all reminiscent of Camélia Bounhar’s Moroccan origins. She insists on working with local suppliers and requests only the purest and freshest ingredients. Moreover, AGASAYA uses 100% recycled dark glass bottles – known to block UV rays that can damage the antioxidant properties of formulas and reduce its shelf life – thus preserving the purity of ingredients and ensure their effectiveness.

Empowering women

In order to help women feel beautiful and strong, 10% of AGASAYA’s profits are donated to various charities that defend women’s rights, gender equality and access to education like UN Women, HeForShe or the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Products available at Avril

Organic rose water toner: Infused with anti-inflammatory properties, this soothing rose water – made of freshly picked roses in Kalaat M’Gouna, a Moroccan city famous for its roses – restores skin’s pH balance, reduces sebum production and helps to reveal a complexion that is soft and dewy.

Organic opuntia flower macerated oil: This moisturizing and nourishing treatment – made from opuntia ficus petals, with antioxidant and moisturizing properties, infused in argan oil – guarantees soft and hydrated skin throughout of the day. As a bonus, its light texture quickly penetrates the skin without leaving a greasy finish.

Organic barbary fig seed oil: This serum made with barbary fig seed oil – a conditioning ingredient concentrated in vitamin E and antioxidants – smoothes the skin’s texture, improves its elasticity, reduces the appearance of dark circles and slows down the signs of aging.

Moroccan olive soap: Made from real olives, this non-foaming soap does triple duty by cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating skin. Dead skin cells are sloughed off and pores opened for a more in-depth cleaning. Rich in vitamin E, it also improves elasticity for smooth and firm skin.

Rhassoul purifying clay mask: Rhassoul clay – a purifying volcanic clay found exclusively in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco – opens up pores and holds on to impurities, which can then be rinsed away. Its micronutrients brighten the skin, and leave it smooth and silky.

AGASAYA beauty routines


  1. Moroccan olive soap: Water face and neck. Collect a pea-sized soap ball and gently apply it in circular motion to the skin. Rinse with water.
  2. Rose water toner: Spray toner on a cotton pad until it is moist. Apply to face and neck and let dry.
  3. Opuntia flower macerated oil: Collect 2 or 3 drops of oil fingertips. Work the oil with your fingers, then apply to face and neck.


  1. Moroccan olive soap:
  2. Rose water toner
  3. Barbary fig oil: Massage the eye contour with the ball applicator, or collect 2 drops on the tip of the finger using the dropper before gently tapping and applying the serum around the eyes.
  4. Opuntia flower macerated oil

(This content has been developed in partnership with AGASAYA.)

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