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Amino Octane by Iron Vegan

Amino Octane by Iron Vegan

Find out how Iron Vegan’s Amino Octane vegan supplement can boost your stamina and maximize your athletic performance.

Amino Octane by Iron Vegan is a vegan and gluten-free powdered supplement, available in tart cherry and pink lemonade flavour, that can be added to any liquid during and after physical effort. Each serving contains high-performance nutrients that support the body on three levels:


- A sustained supply of fermented branched chain amino acids (fermented BCAAs) repairs and builds muscular tissues, in addition to increasing the renewal and use of skeletal muscle energy.

- The nitric oxide contained in beetroot ensures that the muscles and cells have all the nutrients and oxygen they need.

- Easy to digest magnesium Biglycinate improves the production of ATP (cellular energy).


- Fermented L-glutamine supports immune function following the physical stress caused by high intensity workouts.

- Fermented BCAAs relieve muscle soreness and muscle breakdown.

- Antioxidant-rich beetroot fights free radicals caused by intense physical activity.  


- Coconut water offers a regular supply of electrolytes.

- Magnesium Biglycinate reduces lactate accumulation and supports muscle function.

- Fermented BCAAs increase endurance and minimize fatigue.

- Fermented L-glutamine maintains strength and reduces exhaustion.

(This content was developed in partnership with Iron Vegan.)

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