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Amma Thérapie hemp cushions

Amma Thérapie hemp cushions

Is fall weather making you want to stay in? Discover Amma Thérapie‘s natural, eco-responsible and made-in-Quebec therapeutic cushions. Ergonomic and versatile, they can soothe various ailments or bring you into a peaceful and relaxed state!

Designed by orthopedic doctor Sébastien Bolduc and designer Marie-Jeanne Gauthier, hemp cushions by family-owned Quebec-based Amma Thérapie are made with organic hemp and eco-friendly materials. Of remarkable quality, they relieve pain in a natural way, while respecting the environment and human life. Below are the different models available at Avril:

Heart comfort cushion: When warm, it relieves colic and helps baby fall asleep. When cold, it soothes the pain of a growing tooth or a bruise from baby’s first steps. On adults, this cushion can also be placed upside down over the eyes to relieve migraine or simply to relax.

Cervical cushion: The middle part of the cushion goes up on the neck so as to relax the muscles at the base of the skull, while the rest of the cushion brings weight on the shoulders which relaxes them immediately. This cushion is also used to relieve stress, neck pain or stiff neck, as well as to prevent migraines.

Long wrap cushion: Divided into six sections to keep the grains in place, this cushion which can be heated or cooled wraps all parts of the body to relieve muscle stiffness, injuries, arthritis, stomach aches, migraines, etc. It can also be placed on the back during a massage.

Therapeutic lavender mask: This mask cover s the eyes, temples and forehead. When cold, it relieves puffy eyes and migraines. When warm, it helps to relax in case of fatigue, stress or insomnia and soothes irritated or dry eyes and congestion.

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