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ATP Lap natural dietary supplements for athletes

ATP Lap natural dietary supplements for athletes

In this article, find out more about Quebec-based brand ATP Lab and its natural dietary supplements Gluco Control, Estro Control and Adiposlim.

ATP Lab’s mission

Founded in 2010, Quebec-based brand ATP Lab’s mission is to “seek ingredients of the highest quality and purity in order to create supplements with integrity”. Indeed, what distinguishes ATP Lab supplements from others on the market is their premium quality natural ingredients (all products are GMO, artificial sweeteners and colors, titanium dioxide and magnesium stearate free). Furthermore, they abide by a rigorous manufacturing process: all products are lab-tested and comply with manufacturing standards similar to those applied in the pharmaceutical industry). All of this in order to provide athletes with the right balance of nutrients they need to give their best.

3 supplements to discover

Gluco Control: for the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels

Designed to optimize the mobilization, absorption and use of glucose, this formula corrects metabolic weaknesses created by nutritional deficiencies and promotes an optimal level of blood lipids. In other words, Gluco Control contributes to:

- Healthy glucose use and metabolism

- Improved glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) levels

- An optimal blood lipid profile

- Improved insulin sensitivity

Estro Control: for a healthy metabolism of estrogen

This supplement for women promotes a healthy hormonal and hepatic metabolism by eliminating excess metabolites and estrogen, as well as helping stabilize estrogen and progesterone levels. Also, its plant-based formula targets and detoxifies the liver. In summary, Estro Control promotes:

- Detoxification of estrogen and xenoestrogens

- The formation of good estrogen metabolites (2-hydroxyestrone and 2-methoxyestrone)

- A decrease in cellulite (lower body)

- Weight loss (lower limbs)

- Higher energy level

- An increase in libido

Adiposlim: for healthy fat metabolism

This 100% natural formula is effective in reducing adipose tissue while preventing negative effects on the adrenal glands and the nervous system. In other words, Adiposlim helps:

- Provide muscle recovery by reducing the damage caused to tissues by resistance training

- Support fat metabolism by being a source of antioxidants

- Maintaining healthy blood pressure

- Support cardiovascular health by providing support for healthy glucose metabolism

- Maintain the body’s ability to metabolize nutrients

(This content was developed in partnership with ATP Lab.)

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