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Beauty: 10 Christmas gift ideas

Beauty: 10 Christmas gift ideas

Because giving beauty as a gift is always a good idea, here are ten gift suggestions to slip under the tree for your loved ones.

1. Reusable Make-up Removal Wipes – EcoTao

These zero-waste wipes from local brand EcoTao, made of bamboo fiber as well as organic and biodegradable cotton, deeply and gently cleanse the skin thanks to their impeccable quality. Bonus points: they are machine washable and available in pretty bamboo boxes!

2. Routine Boxes – Nordora

Renowned for its products made with nordic ingredients, Quebec-based brand Nordora offers six Routine boxes – Normal Skin, Sensitive Skin, Oily Skin, Anti-Aging Normal Skin, Anti-Aging Sensitive Skin and Anti-Aging Dry Skin – each containing four natural skin care products. The perfect opportunity to try a new beauty routine specially adapted to your skin type!

3. Discovery Sets – Zorah biocosmétiques

Quebec-based brand Zorah biocosmétiques, known for its organic and natural cosmetics made with argan oil, offers three Discovery sets (Normal Skin, Dry Skin and Oily Skin) each containing three different products. A simple and economical way to try new products tailored to your skin type.

4. Holiday Gift Sets – Dr.Hauschka

Each including three organic and natural skincare products, these three holiday gift sets (Daily companion, Beautiful morning and Pamper time) invite you to pause, feel and enjoy a few minutes to yourself.

5. Spruce Warming Bath Essence – Dr.Hauschka

This organic and natural bath oil promotes relaxation thanks to its pine needle extract and revitalizes the skin thanks to its jojoba oil. A must-have for a spa session at home!

6. Corpa Cera Balm – Corpa Flora

We fell in love with this soothing, lipid-replenishing liquid body balm from local brand Corpa Flora. Its repairing formula, enriched with a plant-based complex of active ingredients and oils rich in essential fatty acids, reduces redness and itching, for a moisturized and smooth skin.

7. Hand Cream – Weleda

The promise of Weleda’s organic hand creams? Naturally soft and fragrant skin. Special mention goes to the Soothing Hand Cream, which, thanks to its formula made with almond oil, moisturizes the skin permanently, strengthens its protective barrier and protects it from the environment.

8. Perfume – Pacifica

In addition to being natural and vegan, Pacifica’s perfumes are bewitching with their exotic blends!

9. Pink Quartz Face Roll – Corpa Flora

Inspired by Western beauty rituals, this double-ended roller, which can be used with oil or serum, not only offers a relaxing moment, but also helps tone facial muscles, stimulates lymphatic drainage and improves subcutaneous blood circulation for a healthy complexion.

10. Exfoliating Glove – Epilderm

Used in the shower or in the bath, this exfoliating glove gently removes dead skin cells, frees ingrown hairs, softens the skin and prepares it to be moisturized.

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