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Bio-K+® fresh drinkable probiotics

Bio-K+® fresh drinkable probiotics

Essential to our overall health, probiotics help to keep our intestinal flora balanced and healthy. Learn more about their benefits and discover Quebec brand Bio-K+ products for adults and children.

The role of probiotics

Probiotics are living bacteria that have a beneficial effect on the digestive and immune systems, since they help maintain the equilibrium of the intestinal flora (i.e. all the bacteria that are in our gut and which are largely responsible of our health). Intestinal bacteria are essential for the proper functioning of the body: they promote the digestion of food (by transforming and producing new molecules such as fatty acids, enzymes and vitamins), they reduce the risk of infection and disease (by blocking foreign substances such as allergens, pathogens and toxins), they stimulate the immune system (by increasing antibody production and optimizing the intestinal lining), etc.

Several factors can influence the equilibrium of the intestinal flora, including diet, stress and medication. When the intestinal flora is unbalanced, the bad bacteria take control and can cause problems with digestion, fatigue, infection, disease, and more. This is where probiotics come in by increasing the number of good bacteria and rebalancing the intestinal flora. Considering that 80% of the immune system’s cells are in the gut, it is essential that the intestinal flora be healthy!

Bio-K+* and Bio-Kidz** fresh drinkable probiotics

- Help to improve the body’s natural defenses and to maintain and strengthen the health of the intestinal flora

- Contain 50 billion (12.5 billion for Bio-Kidz) probiotic bacteria per 98 g bottle

- Are gluten-free certified

- Are made with fermented milk, hemp, peas, rice or soybeans

- Can be consumed in different serving sizes (from ¼ to 1 bottle per day) as needed

- Can be taken straight from the bottle or can be integrated into smoothies, yogurts, etc.

* Available Bio-K + flavours: Original, Strawberry, Vanilla, Blueberry (vegan), Mango (vegan) and Coconut (vegan).

** Available Bio-Kidz flavours: Strawberry and Raspberry (vegan).


(This content has been developed in partnership with Bio-K+.)

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