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Cynthia Dulude’s ten favourite natural beauty products

Cynthia Dulude’s ten favourite natural beauty products

Mother’s Day is almost here! To express all the gratitude you feel for mom, here are ten beauty products suggestions, all tried, tested and approved by me (and suitable for women of all ages).

Rose Day Cream – Dr.Hauschka

Mom loves organic and natural face care? Dr.Hauschka’s Day Cream with Rose is a classic! A tiny drop of ​​this protective and nourishing cream is enough to cover the face and benefit from the anti-aging and olfactory properties of roses.

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Beauté Divine – Corpa Flora

Women with dry or mature skin should include a moisturizing/nourishing cream and make-up remover in their beauty routine. I personally fell for this product made by Corpa Flora, a Quebec-based brand of natural, vegan and animal-free skin care products. Beauté Divine effectively cleanses and removes impurities without damaging the skin, instantly giving it comfort and flexibility.

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Castor Oil – Heritage Store

Mom owns (almost) every possible beauty product out there? I bet you she doesn’t own castor oil! A well-kept secret, it is famous for strengthening eyelashes and eyebrows. With age, these tend to become thinner or even non-existent. It is recommended to use castor oil (daily or as an intensive treatment) to strengthen the hair and allow it to grow back. You just have to be consistent and patient. Apply a small drop of oil on a cotton swab or a brush and spread it on the eyelash and eyebrow area before going to sleep. Go gently, one eye at a time!

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Corpa Cera + – Corpa Flora

Its light scent of neroli flower, its soft texture and its relaxing and soothing effect will surely please many women! Although this treatment is suitable for all skin types, I recommend it more for dry to very dry skin.

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Shea Butter – Kariderm

This 100% natural product can be applied to the face, chapped lips, hair, cuticles, knees, etc. As it comes in contacts with the skin, this butter melts into oil to protect the skin and nourish it. I just love it!

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PHYTOKERATINE Ultra-repairing mask – PHYTO

PHYTO has a wide range of hair products based on natural ingredients that restore softness, strength and shine to all types of hair. I particularly like this creamy mask that prevents damage and repairs brittle and fragile hair. If your mother has curly hair or hair that needs nutrition, this product is for her!

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Mascara Volume 01 Black – Dr.Hauschka

We always need mascara, don’t we? This is one of my favourite. Organic, natural and effective, it brings length, volume and definition to the eyelashes, without lumping. Its deep black hue has a beautiful intensity.

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Dome-shaped Eye shadow Brush #12 – Couleur Caramel

Brushes are often neglected items when it comes to cosmetics, but they are oh so important! Not only will they last for years, good brushes will give a more professional result to your makeup. I recommend everyone to have a round and sturdy model like the Couleur Caramel dome-shaped #12 brush. Hyper flexible, it gently deposits the color on the crease of the eyelid.

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Pomegranate #310 Organic Glossy Lipstick – Boho Cosmetics

A little lipstick when I’m short on time, and I’m good to go! I really like Pomegranate #310 by Boho Cosmetics. Its translucent red-pink colour brightens all skin tones! In addition, it is natural and made with 79% organic ingredients.

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Feather Nail Polish – Boho Cosmetics

Looking for a small affordable gift? Boho Cosmetics nail polish is ecological, vegan and 73.5% natural. It works well, dries quickly and has a nice shine! I have a crush on the Feather hue: a sweet, natural looking antique pink.

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