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Discover our Gourmet Naturally home brand

Discover our Gourmet Naturally home brand

From olive oils to balsamic products, from apple cider vinegars to maple syrups, Gourmet Naturally’s epicurean selection will captivate the finest palates with their rich, unique and savoury taste.

Extra virgin olive oil

Produced at house of Arkè in Sicily, our extra virgin olive oils (EVOO) are made from hand-picked olives and cold-pressed within 12 hours of harvest. The regular EVOO is an olive oil blend (Tonda Iblea, Nocellara dell’Etna and Biancolilla). It is both harmonious and persistent to the palate. As for the organic EVOO, it is made of only one olive variety (Moresca) and presents a perfect bittersweet taste.

Balsamic vinegar

Our Modena balsamic vinegar comes in four categories: Bronze (known for its round and rich flavour), Silver (with a bittersweet taste), Gold (known for its high density and its sweeter taste) and Platinum (much denser and darker in colour). Our Gold raspberry balsamic vinegar also comes from Italy and is appreciated for its sweet, tart taste.

White balsamic condiment

Refined and subtle, our Gold organic white balsamic condiment from Italy offers a nice balance between the acidity and the sweetness the grapes. As for the Platinum category, it is sweet and round to the palate, and is distinguished by its intense aromas and sweet and fresh notes.

Organic apple cider vinegar

Made with organic concentrated apple juice, our Platinum organic cider vinegar is surprisingly pleasant with its velvety acidity.

Organic maple syrup

Our organic maple syrup, which comes from a hundred-year-old maple grove located in Escuminac, Baie-des-Chaleurs, at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, comes in three flavours: the rare harvest (amber and rich taste), the great harvest (dark and robust) and late harvest (very dark and strong taste).

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