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Dose: raw juices and organic protein smoothies

Dose: raw juices and organic protein smoothies

Organic, vegan, healthy and made in Quebec, Dose cold-pressed raw juices and protein smoothies are the perfect choice for your on-the-go lunches and healthy snacks!

A local company

Dose is a Montreal-based company founded in 2013 by Raphael Hubert and his wife, Genevieve Brousseau Provencher. Their common passion for entrepreneurship, healthy juices and the environment has motivated them to market their own organic and environmentally friendly beverages. Today, Dose offers 21 products: 13 cold-pressed raw juices and 4 protein smoothies.

Superior quality

Dose products are made entirely of ingredients by certified organic Ecocert Canada. In addition, they contain no preservatives, additives, or added sugar.

Juices: Two pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables go into each 300 ml bottle. Dose juice is cold pressed by a Norwalk model juice extractor, which applies a hundred pounds of pressure on the food. This method keeps intact all the nutrients naturally present in the fruits and vegetables used (which is not necessarily the case with traditional juice extractors). In addition, since the juices are not heated nor pasteurized, all the vitamins, enzymes and original flavours remain in the bottle.

Available flavours: Oxy-3, Focus, Honey, Melon, Matcha, Kick, Zest, Yogi, Taxi, Tango, Cactus, Basil and Samba.

Smoothies: They are made from the pulp of fruits and vegetables used for the production of juices. This process reduces food waste, while adding an interesting portion of fibre to smoothies. Another interesting point: these contain 10 g of vegetable protein each!

Available flavours: Strawberry Hill (banana, strawberry and flax), Green Light (pineapple, spinach and chlorella), Bright Side (mango, carrot and turmeric) and Upbeet (mango, beet and goji).


(This content was developed in partnership with Dose.)

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