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Expert advice: meditation made simple (by Nicole Bordeleau)

Expert advice: meditation made simple (by Nicole Bordeleau)

Nowadays, with non-stop information, messages and emails and the tasks and responsibilities that pile up, our bodies are out of breath and our minds are overloaded. That’s why so many people turn to meditation. The reason for this popularity is simple: this thousand-year-old discipline does not belong to any religion; it can be practiced at any age and for just a few minutes a day and has tons of benefits.

 Why meditate?

 Etymologically, the Latin roots of the word “meditating” mean “to pay attention” to what is happening in us and around us, without judgment, without interpretation and without projection. In short, it is the art of being present in the moment.

According to scientific studies, meditating during 8 weeks only strengthens the immune system, decreases inflammation, improves memory and sleep quality, increases concentration, helps to manage stress and emotions and boosts self-confidence. As a result, there is a growing body of research on the subject, and more and more health professionals prescribe meditation and use it as a tool for wellness.

How to meditate?

There are several forms of meditation: one can meditate while sitting or walking, in silence or with a guide, while repeating a mantra or listening to one, while counting one’s breaths or by contemplating the flame of a candle … Personally, “full presence” meditation is at the core of my practice. Here’s how you can experience it too:

- Get into a stable and comfortable position, feet on the floor and hands on your thighs. Close your eyes.

- Take three long breaths through the nose to relax, and then resume breathing normally.

- Now, just pay attention to your breath. In doing so, let your thoughts run freely in your head. Do not try to empty, but simply expand your awareness to accommodate each breath, the same way you would welcome a good friend.

- Feel each breath in and each breath out. Be careful: feeling does not mean thinking about, but actually feeling the sensation of your breathing.

- Do this without effort, without hurrying, without judging yourself. If your mind begins to wander, bring your awareness back to your breath.

- Don’t give up.  Meditation is the practice starting over and over again. Over time, with practice and a little patience, your attention will stabilize and your mind will wander less and less.

- Finally, end your session with an intention to meditate a few minutes each day.

Meditation, as you will discover, is a precious resource to help us live better, live in peace and live each day fully and consciously. Have a good practice and may life be good to you.

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About Nicole Bordeleau

Title: Yoga and Meditation Master

Yoga and meditation master, author and speaker, Nicole Bordeleau is a prominent figure when it comes to the art of wellness. Co-founder of the YogaMonde meditation center, she is the author of many popular books on well-being.