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Flora’s organic MCT Oil and Omega Brain+ products

Flora’s organic MCT Oil and Omega Brain+ products

As the year starts, we all need to re-energize our body and brain. Consider Flora‘s Organic MCT Oil and Omega Brain +.

What are MCTs?

Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are fatty acids with 6 to 12 carbons: caproic acid (C6), caprylic acid (C8), capric acid (C10) and lauric acid (C12).1 These MCTs are lower in calories and burned faster by the body than long chain fatty acids, which are stored immediately after being absorbed. Since our diet provides more long chain fatty acids than MCTS, it is possible to avoid MCT deficiency by supplementing.2

Organic TCM oil

- Excellent source of fuel for body and brain

- Medium chain triglycerides made from 100% GMO-free coconut harvested from ethical and sustainable sources

- Each serving (15ml) provides 14g of medium chain triglycerides, including 7.5g of caprylic acid and 4.8g of capric acid

- Vegan, gluten-free and compatible with the ketogenic diet

- Mix it in coffees, smoothies or salad dressings

The role of Omega-3s

Omega-3 fatty acids are part of the family of essential polyunsaturated fats. They are said to be “essential” since the body does not naturally produce them3 and they are necessary for overall good health (cardiovascular, cognitive, skin, digestive and mental health).

Omega Brain +

- Helps support cognitive health and brain function, memory and learning functions, as well as cardiovascular health

- Source of vegan essential omega-3 fatty acids from algae grown in pollutant-free tanks in the ocean

- Two capsules provide 500g of EPA and DHA

- Safe for children aged 9 and over and pregnant women

- GMO and gluten-free

(This content was developed in partnership with Flora.)

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