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Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

For this Valentine’s Day, here are 10 suggestions of original and romantic gifts for your loved one…or for yourself!

Geneviève Grandbois chocolate

If you love gourmet products, let yourself be charmed by Geneviève Grandbois’ high-end chocolates. Handcrafted, organic and fair-trade certified, they come in a variety of unique and delicious flavours, all wrapped up in a contemporary design packaging.

Marco Zanier fancy pasta

Add a touch of romance to your plate with Marco Zanier Italian artisan pasta. Made from durum wheat semolina and natural pigments (beetroot, turmeric, cuttlefish ink, spinach and paprika), they will make your significant other smile for sure!

Organic Lov tea

Inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle and the “hygge” trend, Lov Organic herbal teas are made from whole leaves and natural aromas. Coming in pretty colorful boxes, these fruity, floral or spicy organic herbal tea mixes will surely warm you up!

ABIO Fizzy bath bombs

In addition to promoting relaxation, these Epsom salt and Dead Sea salt effervescent bath bombs have several therapeutic properties: they promote healing, improve blood circulation and relieve muscular and rheumatic pain. Bath time has never been so beneficial … and effervescent!

Matcha tea set by Camellia Sinensis

Your beloved one loves matcha tea? This set by Camellia Sinensis includes all the necessary accessories to make it at home: matcha bowl, chasen (whip), chasen holder and spoon.

Hymalayan salt lamps

Whether to create a warm atmosphere, to purify the air, to promote concentration, to reduce electromagnetic pollution or to lessen respiratory and asthma problems, the salt lamp is the ultimate wellness gift.

Autour de la table vegan recipe book

Parents of three young children, Sophie Ducharme and Simon Pérusse share their passion for cooking and healthy eating through their Famille et Tofu blog and their new book Autour de la table. On the menu: 130 recipes made with accessible and affordable ingredients that will surely please your little ones!

Je t’aime cards (in French)

Developed by couple’s therapists Jean-François Beauregard and Lucie Denault, these 52 love cards encourage exchange and affection by offering romantic activities, loving gestures and moments of tenderness. Pick one card every week, complete the suggested action and keep the flame burning.

Dr.Hauschka’s Rose Bath

Tired of the traditional bouquet of roses? This year, give your sweetheart a bath of roses! Made with rose water, rose essential oil, rose petal extract, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil, Dr.Hauschka’s harmonizing bath milk delicately envelops and soothes the skin, in addition to smelling like…roses.

Pomme de Coeur sweet cider (available in-store only)

Made from apples picked during the first autumn frosts, Pomme de Coeur will seduce you with its beautiful amber colour and complex aromas of apricot, honey, melon and almonds. Smooth in the mouth and with a richness of flavour that complements the natural acids of the fruit, this cider is best served with fine desserts and cheeses.


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