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Green Beaver Extra Whitening NaturapeuthicTM Toothpaste

Green Beaver Extra Whitening NaturapeuthicTM Toothpaste

Green Beaver is a 100% natural and vegan toothpaste that will give you every reason to smile!

Natural toothpaste vs. traditional toothpaste

Unlike traditional toothpaste, natural toothpaste is made of only healthy ingredients: plant extracts, essential oils, mineral salts, etc. It is therefore free of chemicals harmful to health such as antibacterial agents, phosphate-based anti-plaque agents, foaming agents, artificial flavors and colors, synthetic detergent, artificial sweeteners, fluorine, synthetic glycerin, propylene glycol and abrasive plastic microbeads. In other words, natural toothpaste provides effective and safe oral hygiene, without damaging the enamel or the gums and respecting the pH of the oral mucosa.

Extra Whitening NaturapeuthicTM Toothpaste

Natural, vegan, biodegradable as well as gluten-, GMO- and cruelty-free, Extra Whitening NaturapeuthicTM Toothpaste contains calcium hydroxyapatite to naturally whiten teeth. This fresh mint-flavored toothpaste also helps prevent tooth decay and plaque, as well as reduce the risk of dental erosion. An essential item to have in your natural hygiene product cabinet!

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