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Herbasanté’s Bilac and Detox Kit (+ a Green Detox Smoothie Recipe)

Herbasanté’s Bilac and Detox Kit (+ a Green Detox Smoothie Recipe)

Fall is a good time to detoxify and re-energize your body. Plant-based and natural health products Bilac and Detox Kit from Montreal-based Herbasanté are the perfect products to help you do just that.

Detoxification is the process of eliminating toxic substances that accumulate in the body over time, due to environmental pollutants and to the consumption of processed and refined foods. In the natural products department, there are several products made with certain fruits, vegetables, herbs or plants that promote the detoxification of the body and provide it with the vitamins and minerals necessary for vibrant health. Here are two from Herbasanté:


Made from various roots (black radish, turmeric and dandelion), leaves (artichoke and boldo) and milk thistle fruit, these tablets promote the secretion and flow of bile, improve digestion and relieve bloating.

Detox Kit

This complete 12-day treatment is ideal for the spring and the fall and stands out by its blend of plants known to have diuretic effects, stimulate bile secretion and relieve digestive disorders and inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract such as gastritis.

Green Detox Smoothie Recipe


- 1 cup fresh spinach

- 1 green apple, diced

- 1 inch ginger, peeled

- 1 cup of purified water (or any unsweetened plant-based beverage)

- 1 Herbasanté Detox Kit ampoule

* Optional: 2 tbsp. chia seeds (for fibre)

* Optional: 1 pinch of cayenne pepper (to stimulate the metabolism)


Blend all ingredients until a smooth texture is obtained.

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