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Holizen’s Miviton natural products: to fortify and prevent

Holizen’s Miviton natural products: to fortify and prevent

Because the imminent return to back to school routine can cause its share of fatigue and stress, be proactive by strengthening the immune, nervous and emotional systems of the whole family with the Miviton range from Quebec-based company Holizen.

Formulated with wild herring milt (from eco-friendly fishing practices in Gaspésie or the Île-de-la-Madeleine and highly concentrated in amino acids, peptides and vitamins) and zinc citrate, Miviton is a soy and GMO-free supplement that effectively supports the body on several levels and which can be consumed over a long period. Here are the three products in this range:

Regular Miviton – Tonic & Vitality: This product supports immune functions and the nervous system in addition to fighting fatigue and being a mood stabilizer.

Miviton + – Physical Energy & Mental Focus: By maximizing energy levels without over-stimulating the mind, this product allows for better mental clarity and stress management.

Miviton kid – Immunity & well-being: In addition to having a positive impact on the physical and intellectual growth of children, this product helps to better manage stress and provides a feeling of general well-being.

(This content was developed in partnership with Holizen.)

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