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Host Defense organic mushroom-based supplements

Host Defense organic mushroom-based supplements

In this cold and flu season, support your immune and respiratory systems in a natural way with Host Defense organic mushroom-based supplements.

These two Host Defense supplements are made with organic medicinal mushrooms (so-called “adaptogenic” substances, which stimulate healthy body resistance to health problems) and mushroom mycelium (the mushroom root, which has active ingredients more powerful than its visible counterpart1). Host Defense natural health products can be taken daily to strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and fatigue levels, facilitate digestion and nutrient absorption, increase the activity and impact of natural killer cells and macrophages, etc. Here are the ones that are particularly recommended at this time of year:


This formula supports healthy breathing and is a complementary blend of three types of mushroom:

- Chaga: recognized for its benefits on improving lung function

- Cordyceps: used as a pulmonary tonic

- Reishi: known to improve the respiratory system

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This ultracomplete immune formula contains 17 active species of fungi and is recommended for any immune deficiency, as it:

- Promotes glycemic balance

- Increases the activity of natural killer cells by more than 300%

- Fights cellular aggression



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(This content was developed in partnership with Host Defense.)

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