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How to build the best skin care routine

How to build the best skin care routine

Here are the steps to follow during your skin care routine, for healthy and glowing skin.


1. Cleanse

Cleansing the face in the morning is essential: it eliminates impurities and sebum accumulated during the night and allows the skin to be 100% clean before applying products.

2. Tone

Complementary to cleansing products, tonic lotions purify the skin, rebalance its pH, moisturize it and prepare it for future care. Apply with a small cotton pad to the entire face, avoiding contact with the eyes.

3. Moisturize

This two-part step begins with eye contour care (essential to moisturize this thinner, sensitive area to fight against signs of fatigue and aging), followed by applying day cream (essential to moisturize the skin and protect it throughout the day) to the whole face.

4. Protect

Sunscreens are not just for the summer, far from it! Use them year-round to prevent the appearance of pigmentation spots, to prevent premature aging of the skin and to lower the risk of skin cancer caused by repeated exposure to UV rays.


1. Remove make-up and cleanse

Fundamental to dislodge all traces of make-up and accumulations, removing make-up and cleansing the face is the basic evening routine gesture to refresh the skin and reduce the risk of skin imperfections.

2. Tone

Because it rebalances the skin’s pH and moisturizes it after cleansing, and because it maximizes the penetration and effectiveness of the following skin care products, the tonic lotion stage is not to be neglected!

3. Repair

Since the skin goes into “reconstruction” mode during the night, it is important to use a serum or night cream to support skin regeneration and cell renewal. 


1. Exfoliate

Massaging a small amount of exfoliator or scrub on a clean, damp skin has several benefits. This ritual allows to dislodge the dead cells of the epidermis, to lighten the complexion, to soften the skin and to facilitate the absorption of other skin care products.

2. Moisturize / Purify

Applied after exfoliating, facial masks restore radiance and allow to meet the skin’s specific needs of the moment. Depending on the chosen formula, they will moisturize, nourish, soothe, plump, detoxify or prevent and attenuate the signs of aging.


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