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In my shopping cart: Laurie & Stéphanie from Dans le sac

In my shopping cart: Laurie & Stéphanie from Dans le sac

Each month, we like to ask a public figure a few of questions about their eating and cooking habits. This month, let’s find out what Dans le sac founders Laurie Barrette and Stéphanie Mandréa like to keep in their pantry!

1. For me, eating well means:

Laurie: Finding the right balance. Although I recommend eating 100% unprocessed and homemade food (it’s so much better!), I do treat myself on occasion. I have always liked learning about the health benefits of food and for that reason I have studied to become a dietician.

Stephanie: Eating what is closest to nature, therefore avoiding processed foods when possible. I have been a vegan for over eight years and I love fruits and vegetables. But, as Laurie mentioned, it’s important to treat yourself to from every now and then.

2. My favorite memory associated to food:

Laurie: A classic, my mom’s spaghetti. Although I’m 28 years old, she still makes it and brings it to me regularly!

Stéphanie: My mom’s cooking, which was largely inspired by that of my Italian grandfather. My mother makes the best spaghetti sauce, and I still use her recipe to this day.

3. What do you always keep in your fridge or pantry:

Laurie: Peppers, mushrooms, pasta and berries, for sure!

Stéphanie: Bananas, the essential ingredient for my morning smoothie. Otherwise, there is always kale, broccoli and a bag of Kettle chips!

4. Your go-to recipe:

Laurie: A Mexican black bean bowl to make me feel like I’m on vacation, or stir-fry to empty the fridge!

Stéphanie: Homemade cashew cheese. I’m addicted!

5. Your cooking secret weapon:

Laurie: My Vitamix.

Stéphanie: Ditto!

6. Your must-have food or ingredient:

Laurie: Pasta, the basic ingredient for all my meals. I love Italian cuisine!

Stéphanie: Bananas and smoothies!

7. Your guilty pleasure:

Laurie: Chocolate!

Stéphanie: Chips and dark chocolate.

8. Your favorite culinary trend of the moment:

Laurie: Inspired by the ketogenic diet, I started cooking with butter (organic, of course!) and it adds so much flavour to my dishes! However, that’s the only principle I’ve adopted from this diet. I also love to cook a meal from scratch, the way our grandmothers did it. It’s very zero waste!

Stéphanie: I like making bowls for dinner or supper. Whether it’s a “poke bowl” or a “Buddha bowl”, I love to create dishes based on rice or quinoa and what I have in my fridge.

9. Your health challenge for the next year:

Laurie: Adding more vegetables to my diet.

Stephanie: Leaning towards a vegan diet.

10. You three favourite Avril products:

Laurie: Organic fruits and vegetables, Cha’s Organics coconut milk and La Pinte dairy products.

Stéphanie: Organic fruits and vegetables for me too, Gusta’s new pepperoni sausage and Kettle chips!


+ How do you eat well while taking care of a newborn

Laurie: When I cook meals, I make twice as much and freeze some leftovers for later. Also, as soon as I come back from the grocery store, I cut a bunch of fruits and vegetables, so that I have them ready and on hand all week.

Stephanie: In the morning, I make myself a big smoothie that I drink throughout the morning. Otherwise, I like to cook with my son in the baby carrier. Like Laurie, I double my recipes and freeze them to have snacks and meals on hand.

+ How has your vision of food changed after becoming a mom?

Laurie: I’ve always been careful about my diet. But since being a mom, I see food as a fuel that I give to my son and that keeps both of us healthy. I want it to be as nutritious as possible! I can’t wait to cook with him and pass him on my passion for food.

Stéphanie: I have always been careful about my diet. As soon as I learned that I was pregnant, I became even more diligent! I would love to pass on my love of healthy food to my son August.

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