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In my shopping cart: Marilou

In my shopping cart: Marilou

Each month, we like to ask a public figure a few of questions about their eating and cooking habits. This month, let’s find out what Marilou, mom and founder of Trois fois par jour, likes to put in her shopping cart.

1. What does eating well mean to you: it means feeling completely free to eat whatever I want. I think that when we don’t feel guilt or fear towards eating, we make better choices because we instinctively listen to our body’s needs.

2. Your best memory associated to food: Honestly, I have too many! But clearly there is something magical about giving food to a baby for the first time. I remember, for my two daughters, it was really a beautiful step. Preparing the purees, seeing their reaction…It’s as if I was rediscovering the incredible pleasure of eating and tasting things myself. Eating an apple became something magical!

3. Your go-to recipe: Zucchini noodles with pesto. I find it beautiful to look at and the kids love it.

4. Your secret weapon in the kitchen: Seasoning! Haha! It’s a boring answer, but it really is key. It’s not as easy as you may think, but I believe that I do it well enough that, generally speaking, people don’t have to add salt or pepper to the dishes that serve.

5. What you always put in your grocery cart: These days, broccoli (so versatile!), a St-Method loaf of bread because it is by far my favourite (and because the babies and boyfriend eat so much bread!) and coffee (for the short nights!).

6. Your must-have food or ingredient: Olive oil. Once you use premium quality olive oil, you can’t go back.

7. Your guilty pleasure: Any type of sauce!

8. Your three favourites products at Avril: When I go to Avril, I always buy a puffed quinoa bar at the deli counter. I also love creamy organic peanut butter and Prana white mulberries.

9. Your favourite culinary trend of the moment: Reducing meat consumption.

10. Your health challenge for the next year: Even further reducing meat consumption. I want to do it for our planet!


- How do you manage to introduce new foods to your two little girls? I believe that I never stop surprising them, which makes them very curious little girls. I try, as much as possible, to incorporate small surprises here and there. I have also developed the concept of “surprise snack”. My oldest daughter asks me for one every day. She wants me to prepare a little snack, but with new elements that she’ll discover when I tell her to open her eyes. It works every time!

- How do you find inspiration for meals: Honestly, I often lack inspiration. And when I have no ideas, I always turn to pasta. I think it’s the easiest “go-to” meal. I can always come up with something good with whatever is left in the fridge.

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