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In my shopping cart: Sébastien Benoît

In my shopping cart: Sébastien Benoît

Each month, we like to ask a public figure a bunch of questions about their eating and cooking habits. This month, let’s find out what TV and radio host and foodie Sébastien Benoît likes to keep in his pantry!

1. For me, eating well means: Being able to eat everything, with moderation. It’s all about balance.

2. My favourite memory associated to food: My mother’s crème caramel, it’s just divine! It still blows my mind with what she can do in the kitchen.

3. What do you always keep in your fridge or pantry: Grapefruit and broccoli!

4. Your signature dish: A lemon, Parmesan and parsley crusted rack of lamb. Thank you Louis-François Marcotte for the idea!

5. Your cooking secret weapon: I always keep a good bottle of olive oil handy.

6. Your must-have food or ingredient: 70% dark chocolate.

7. Your guilty pleasure: See answer to question #6!

8. Your favourite culinary trend of the moment: Vegetable dishes that are cooked and presented as if they were meat.

9. Your health challenge for the next year: Reducing my consumption of processed foods and adding an extra vegetarian dish to my weekly menu.

10.  Your three favourite Avril products: Our 6 year old son is intolerant to dairy products. So I’m a big fan of dairy substitutes: yogurts (Maison Riviera’s Coconut Milk Vegan Delights), plant-based milk (So Fresh almond and coconut beverages) or cream (Belsoy’s Creamy Soya Preparation).


+ How do you eat well even when busy: I always have snacks on hand such as almonds, yogurt or cheese. Anything to avoid eating junk food!

+ What do you and your son Laurent eat when mom is not at home: We like to find places with dairy-free gelato and sorbet.  We particularly love Avril Laval and its gelato bar!


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