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In my shopping cart: The Dufour-Lapointe sisters

In my shopping cart: The Dufour-Lapointe sisters

Each month, we like to ask a public figure a few of questions about their eating and cooking habits. This month, let’s find out what Olympian freestyle skiers and sisters Justine, Chloé and Maxime Dufour-Lapointe like to put in their shopping carts.

1. What does eating well mean to you?

Justine: Eating plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as home-cooked meals made with love, and feeling good after a meal.

Chloé: Eating lots of fruits and vegetables and eating as little processed food as possible.

Maxime: For me, eating well is simply a way of life.

2. What is your best memory associated to food?

Justine: Baking desserts or cakes for the birthdays of my loved ones.

Chloé: When my family and I get together to cook or to share a meal.

Maxime: We cook a lot with the family, whether with my sisters at a training camp or with my parents at home or at the cottage. We take this time to talk and catch up. These are always special times!

3. What can we always find in your grocery cart?

Justine: Fruits and vegetables, cilantro, tempeh and Terra chips!

Chloé: Lots of fruits for breakfast and vegetables for my lunch salad.

Maxime: Bananas!

4. What is your go-to recipe?

Justine: Homemade Asian soup or matcha cookies.

Chloé: A “poke bowl”: raw vegetables, a little rice and some marinated shrimp.

Maxime: Grilled vegetables.

5. What is your secret weapon in the kitchen?

Justine: Lime, tahini and chilli flakes.

Chloé: I really like making my own cookies or desserts. That way, I know what’s in them!

Maxime: Improvising! I like to modify recipes and add my personal touch!

6. What is your must-have food or ingredient?

Justine: Bananas, chia seeds and coffee.

Chloé: I really like berries: blueberries, raspberries, etc.

Maxime: Spices! They can make or break a dish!

7. What is your guilty pleasure?

Justine: Chocolate and popcorn!

Chloé: Dark chocolate. I often use it in my dessert recipes.

Maxime: I am such a desert lover, especially those made with chocolate or caramel!

8. What is your favourite culinary trend of the moment?

Justine: The vegan diet.

Chloé: Eating raw vegetables!

Maxime: Right now, I really like vegetarian cuisine. I find it very stimulating to try to replace certain foods in a recipe to make it healthier.

9. What is your health challenge for the next year?

Justine: Eating less meat and more local foods or products.

Chloé: Continuing to eat well and discover new recipes.

Maxime: I want to keep my good habits by taking the time to cook, despite my busy school schedule!

10. What are your three favourite products at Avril?

Justine: The chocolate and fig cookies from Bistro Avril, the spring rolls with almond butter and ginger sauce from the Avril Végé counter and the full line of Avril organic microgreens! (Also… the Miso soup with goji berries from Avril Végé is just INSANE!)

Chloé: The smoothies and spring rolls of Avril Végé as well as the matcha financier from Bistro Avril.

Maxime: Honestly, I love EVERYTHING at Avril! So much so that I forget the notion of time when I walk down the aisles to discover new products to try. For me, going to Avril’s is a moment of relaxation and discovery!


- What do you eat before a competition?

Justine: A chia pudding in the morning and a soup for lunch.

Chloé: I eat very little, because I am barely hungry. In the morning, I eat a bowl of chia with fruit, homemade granola and honey. And for lunch, I eat a soup.

Maxime: In the morning, I always eat a large bowl of varied fruit … competition or not!

- What food advice that you would give to a young athlete?

Justine: Learn to cook and enjoy cooking yourself. These are the best tools you can have to be strong and healthy!

Chloé: Have a varied and balanced diet. You have to listen to your body and eat when you are hungry and know when to stop. Also, understand which foods digest well and consume the least energy.

Maxime: Try different foods to find out which ones give you energy and which ones do the opposite. Also, I recommend eating, at the latest, two hours before a workout to allow yourself time to digest well.

Justine and Chloé have completed their first World Cups (Finland and China) and will be competing on January 25, 2020 at Mont-Tremblant, before competing in other countries. Maxime continues to study medicine. Also, the three have just launched their Tissées Serrées clothing line: underwear, wetsuits and winter accessories for women. For more details: dufourlapointe.com.

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