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Iron Vegan protein supplements: healthy sports nutrition

Iron Vegan protein supplements: healthy sports nutrition

Is physical activity an integral part of your life? Discover the organic and vegan protein supplements from Iron Vegan, perfect for supporting your body before, during and after training.

Sprouted Protein

This organic, natural, vegan, raw, germinated and gluten-free supplement powder offers 17 grams of vegetable protein per serving. These come from five sources of raw sprouted grains or seeds: brown rice, amaranth, quinoa, millet and pumpkin seeds. Sprouted grains and seeds are rich in nutrients such as essential vitamins and amino acids and they have great enzymatic activity, which is beneficial for their digestion and absorption. (Available flavors: Natural Vanilla, Natural Chocolate and Unflavoured)

Athlete’s Blend

Organic and vegan, this supplement powder offers 30 grams of protein, 8 grams of L-glutamine and 7 grams of BCAA per serving. This product is intended for athletes who not only want to improve their performance, but also speed up repair and recovery of their muscle cells. (Available flavors: Natural Vanilla and Natural Chocolate)

Athlete’s Gainer

This vegan protein supplement powder, made from fermented pea protein and organic brown rice, is enriched with several healthy ingredients such as green foods, whole sprouted grains, sea vegetables, vegetable oils, etc. Since this product contains 720 calories and 42 grams of protein per serving, it is ideal for those who wish to increase their muscle mass. (Available flavors: Natural Vanilla and Natural Chocolate)

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