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Julie Marchand: my 10 favourite Avril products

Julie Marchand: my 10 favourite Avril products

To me, Avril is much more than a supermarket. It is a place that fits my lifestyle dedicated to health and wellness. I am always delighted to shop there and find everything I need to help me live a healthy life. I love Avril for its knowledgeable staff, its delicious dishes served at the café and the overall zen atmosphere. My shopping experience is always very pleasant! Below are my 10 Avril essentials.

Once Daily Ultra Probiotics – Garden of Life

Probiotics play an important role in our digestion. They support our immune system as well as gut health. I always make sure to bring some with me on vacation.

E3 Live Supplements

This product is definitely worth knowing about! Enriched with 65 vitamins and minerals, it increases energy levels and improves concentration. Add it to your smoothies (because there is nothing better than a powerful green smoothie to nourish your body!)

Bioflo 1 and 2 supplements – Actumus

To maintain optimal health, it is important to release the toxins that lodge in your bowel. Made mostly of fibre (psyllium) and herbs, this duo is perfect for detoxing and to help relieve occasional constipation.

Eucalyptus Radiata and Lavender True Essential Oils – Divine Essence

I love essential oils! My two favourites are eucalyptus and lavender. Just put a few drops in a diffuser to enjoy their energizing and relaxing effects. Thanks to these, the atmosphere in my house is always fresh and soothing!

Liquid Chlorophyll Concentrate 5X – Land Art

A few drops of this powerful antioxidant in your water are enough to promote the alkalization of your body and to help it release its toxins. Green is in, green is trendy! Even the water we drink can be healthy!

Yogi smoothie cubes – Evive

These smoothie cubes make life much easier! Quebec company Evive offers smoothies in small frozen cubes, filled with fruits, vegetables, superfoods and vegetable proteins. There is nothing better than a tasty green smoothie after working out!

Tomato & Basil Nut Cheese – VegNature Nancy Grenier

You will love this delicious walnut cheese! Innovate and serve your guests vegan cheese as an alternative to regular cheese. This one is excellent on crackers, on pizza or with pasta.

Dairy-free Dark chocolate Frozen Dessert – Coconut Bliss

Ice cream is my favourite dessert! In addition to having a subtle taste of coconut, it is rich and velvety, and makes the kid in me happy. It is pure…bliss!

Spearmint Clay Toothpaste – Earthpaste

Toothpaste made of only 5 natural ingredients? You bet! It gives you a fresh breath and a feeling of cleanliness.

Immortelle Anti-aging Face Cream – Bioéternel

This anti-aging facial cream – ideal for dry to combination skin and skin with rosacea – can be used day and night. Its light and silky texture will please you.


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