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K & S Organic Eyelashes Treatment

K & S Organic Eyelashes Treatment

K & S Organic Eyelash Treatment is for people looking for a natural, effective and affordable product to restore their eyelashes or eyebrows.

Made in Quebec, K & S Organic Eyelash Treatment is a product that helps nourish, densify and promote hair growth, all thanks to its one and only ingredient: cold-pressed Moroccan castor oil.  Castor oil, derived from the seed of Ricinus communis, a plant native to Africa and India, has been renowned for centuries for its many beauty virtues. Due to its high content of fatty acids (including ricinoleic acid that stimulates hair follicles) and vitamin E, it has regenerating, fortifying and nourishing properties…making it an ideal ally for growing eyelashes and eyebrows!

Usage: apply on hair from roots to ends, every day, 30 minutes before going to bed.

About K & S

Founded in 2015 by Ketlyne and Samira, two long-time friends passionate about natural homemade care, Quebec-based K & S specializes in 100% pure, natural, organic and fair-trade beauty products. These are elaborated according to ancestral know-how, with oils that are cold-pressed according to a modern extraction technique.

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