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Kariderm shea butter based facial care products

Kariderm shea butter based facial care products

Discover the benefits of shea butter with Quebec-based beauty brand KARIDERM and its facial care line.

Shea butter comes from the African shea tree. This tree produces clusters of green berries that contain one to two almonds each, from which the butter is extracted. In the skin care world, this ingredient, naturally rich in fatty acids and vitamin F, is known to have moisturizing and protective properties. It is also known to relieve skin irritation and promote elasticity and regeneration. Interesting fact: Kariderm‘s shea butter is certified organic and fair-trade by Ecocert.

The Kariderm facial care range

Moisturizing protective cream: This shea butter treatment, with its unctuous and light texture, nourishes, softens and protects the skin in the face and neck area. It also acts as a restorative night cream by promoting cellular regeneration.

Lightening cream: This anti-aging product, made with shea butter as well as bearberry, amla fruit and damiana extracts, slows down and corrects the appearance dark spots due to sun exposure and skin aging, for a more unified complexion.

Eye contour cream: This treatment provides superior hydration and anti-aging protection to the delicate skin around the eyes. It also has a tightening and decongestant effect due to shea butter, elderberry extract and evening primrose and ximenia oils. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles.

Gentle cleansing milk: This product cleanses and removes makeup while preserving the hydrolipidic balance of the epidermis. Also, this formula, based on shea butter, meadow seed oil and soapbark and linden extracts gives the skin a feeling of freshness.

Gentle exfoliating gel: This non-aggressive treatment, enriched with shea butter, bamboo microbeads, vegetable oils and citrus extract, cleanses skin pores, removes dead cells, purifies the skin and refines its texture.

Organic lip balm: Available in mint and vanilla flavors, this product nourishes and protects the lips thanks to its combination of shea butter, wax and plant-based essential oils. Good to know: it also makes an excellent lip gloss!

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