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Kid’s Omega-3s and Probiotics by Genuine Health

Kid’s Omega-3s and Probiotics by Genuine Health

Find out why Genuine Health Omega-3s and Probiotics are great supplements to support children’s health from an early age.

The importance of omega-3s

Omega-3s are essential for the healthy development of children. In this regard, it has been scientifically proven that EPA and DHA fatty acids play a determining role in their state of mind and behaviour. Designed for children ages 1 to 13, cherry-flavoured liquid Omega-3 kids+ D3 (GMO, gluten, dairy and soy free) provides a daily intake of both EPA and DHA fatty acids and vitamin D. This vitamin is particularly known to contribute to the health of children’s bones and teeth, as well as to the development of their immune system. Also, each serving of Omega-3 kids + D3 contains 5.5 mg of lutein, a dietary carotenoid that is found in very high concentration in the retina of the eye and helps to filter the blue light from screens and protect the retina oxidative damage.

The role of probiotics

Because they contribute to the balance of the intestinal flora, probiotics have a beneficial effect on the overall health and more precisely on the digestive and immune systems. Recommended for children between 3 and 12, lemonade-flavoured Advanced Gut Health Probiotic Kids tablets are vegan and GMO, gluten, dairy and soy free. They support intestinal flora and the gastrointestinal health of children, thanks to its 5 billion CFU from 7 balanced strains, including Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG (one of the most studied probiotics to promote children’s health) and L. Reuteri (present in the gut from early childhood).

About Genuine Health

Founded in 1996 by Stewart Brown, Genuine Health brand of natural health products stands out by its high quality standards and sustained research efforts. It offers 100 products made from organic and GMO-free ingredients in the following categories: superfoods, fermented products, omega-3s, multivitamins, probiotics, pain management, sports nutrition, weight management and skin care. Genuine Health is not only synonymous with physical and mental well-being, but also with environmental awareness and social impact.

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