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KLIIN reusable paper towel

KLIIN reusable paper towel

Keeping your house clean will never have been more ecological (and economical!) than with KLIIN reusable paper towels. Find out more about these zero-waste products made in Quebec.

Designed in Quebec and offered in many colorful patterns, KLIIN paper towel is nothing less than a revolution in the home maintenance department! Made from 100% natural wood and cotton cellulose fibers, these reusable and biodegradable paper towels hold up to 15 times their weight in water, are washable up to 300 times in the dishwasher or in the washer and are fully composted in 28 days (they break down into fertilizer to be used as you see fit). As a bonus, KLIIN reusable paper towel can be used both indoors and outdoors: kitchen, bathroom, garage, patio, car, windows, etc. You’ll be charmed after just one use!

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