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Kyolic organic aged garlic supplements

Kyolic organic aged garlic supplements

Did you know that aged garlic extract is an excellent natural alternative to improve one’s health? Discover its benefits with Kyolic’s high quality products.

Health benefits of aged garlic

Aged garlic extract is produced from organically grown garlic bulbs and aged by a unique extraction process that removes garlic smell and creates beneficial compounds found exclusively in Kyolic products. Aged garlic extract promotes cardiovascular health, prevents high blood pressure, reduces cholesterol levels and strengthens the immune system.

Kyolic Supplements

Kyolic organic garlic supplements are the only ones with antioxidant properties, are truly odourless and are backed by over 750 scientific studies. Here are the products available at Avril:

Extra Strength Daily Support, Daily Support: Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Heart Health: Promotes cardiovascular health.

Cholesterol control (with lecithin): Promotes heart health by reducing cholesterol.

Cholesterol Control (with hawthorn berry, cayenne and vitamin E): Helps to lower high blood lipid levels.

Immuno-defense: Helps to improve immune functions.

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