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Land Art mint-flavoured chlorophyll

Land Art mint-flavoured chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is a supplement that is invigorating, just like the arrival of spring. Learn more about its benefits and discover the three mint-flavoured chlorophyll products of Quebec-based company Land Art.

Also called “plant blood”, chlorophyll is the green pigment of the plants that is created by photosynthesis. Its health benefits: it is alkalinizing, it purifies the body, it strengthens the immune system, it improves the quality of blood, it increases oxygenation of cells, it promotes digestion, it has a deodorizing action, etc.1

Mint-flavoured chlorophyll trio

Sourced from the finest quality and containing no preservatives or gluten, Land Art chlorophyll is made from GMO-free wild alfalfa. In addition, its liquid formula is easy to drink and digest and has a faster action and higher absorption rate than capsule supplements. Particularly appreciated for its delicate taste, Land Art mint-flavoured chlorophyll comes in three concentrations: mint-flavoured chlorophyll (offering 20 mg/5 ml), mint-flavoured chlorophyll concentrated 5X (offering 100 mg/5 ml) and mint-flavoured chlorophyll concentrated 15X (offering 300 mg/5 ml). Each kind can simply be mixed in with water.

About Land Art

Since 1992, family-owned business Land Art has been developing, manufacturing and distributing natural health products throughout the country. More than 70 Health Canada-certified vitamin-based food supplements are available to meet a variety of health needs.

(This content has been developed in partnership with Land Art.)

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