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Léo Désilets USP Activated Charcoal

Léo Désilets USP Activated Charcoal

Although the Egyptians and the Greeks used activated charcoal as an antidote and water purifier, it wasn’t until the 19th century that early scientific studies demonstrated its remarkable absorbent and detoxifying properties. Find out more about Quebec-based brand Léo Désilets’ USP Activated Charcoal.

This pharmaceutical grade (DIN), USP Activated Charcoal is the only ingestible activated charcoal recognized by Health Canada. USP Activated Charcoal is a natural product obtained by the calcination of organic vegetable matter (peat moss). This activation process aims to develop the porosity of the coal, thus giving it a remarkable absorption power. Among its health benefits, USP Activated Charcoal captures toxic substances that can disturb the digestive tract (food additives, pathogenic bacteria, gases, drugs, poisons, pesticide residues, toxins, etc.) and traps them until they are passed in the stool, so as to detoxify the body and relieve intestinal discomfort (bloating and flatulence). Interesting fact: activated charcoal can absorb up to 100 times its volume in gas!

USP Activated Charcoal by Léo Désilets

Available in capsule form, USP Activated Charcoal supplement from Léo Désilets is recommended to relieve pain associated with digestive disorders and can be used as an antiflatulent. This product is also an essential part of the travelers’ first aid kit.

About Léo Désilets

Established in Scotstown, in the heart of the Eastern Townships, Léo Désilets Maître herboriste has been supporting the health and well-being of Canadians since 1974, by developing and distributing natural, effective and safe products, founded on solid scientific bases. All Léo Désilets products are manufactured under a pharmaceutical license. The Léo Désilets range includes a variety of phytotherapeutic supplements designed to nourish the body and relieve a variety of symptoms, both acute and chronic, for overall well-being.



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