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Liver detoxification and improved digestion

Liver detoxification and improved digestion

Organic and vegan, Flux O Bile cure from Quebec-based company Nutripur cleanses the liver and stimulates biliary functions to promote better digestion and greater well-being.

Flux O Bile is a seasonal program that lasts ten or twenty days, in the form of drinkable ampoules certified organic by Ecocert Canada. It is vegan and free of GMOs, gluten, lactose, preservatives and artificial colors. Each ampoule is a concentrate of the following ingredients:

- Black radish roots: Rich in glucosinolates, active ingredients that relieve digestive disorders, especially those related to the biliary tract.

- Boldo leaves: Known to restore digestive problems and to soothe gastrointestinal spasms.

- Artichoke leaves: Beneficial for digestive and hepatic disorders, thanks to cynarin (a polyphenol) and the bitter principles they contain.

- Dandelion roots: Known to restore liver function and bile flow, thanks to their content of inulin (a prebiotic fiber) and bitter principles.

In addition to helping the liver, gallbladder and kidneys function properly, Flux O Bile cleanses the liver and stimulates bile functions (resulting in better bile elimination) to restore the digestive system and improve digestion. In doing so, this treatment also relieves digestive discomfort, eliminates harmful toxins, maximizes weight loss results, brightens the complexion for radiant skin and increases energy and vitality!

Also good to know…

For the cure, the recommended dosage during the cure is one ampoule per day in half a glass of water or juice (125 ml) before lunch. It is also possible to take a Flux O Bile ampoule in warm water in case of indigestion or digestive heaviness after a meal.

(This content was developed in partnership with Nutripur.)

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