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Maison Le Grand: perfect for the cozy autumn days

Maison Le Grand: perfect for the cozy autumn days

Add flavor, color and warmth to your fall-inspired dishes with Le Grand chiles, pestos, sauces and soups. Discover a range of local, vegan ready-to-eat meals, ideal for the busy ones. 

A family story

It all started in the 1990’s, when Bernard Le Grand (a musician with low wage restaurant jobs) set up a small vegetarian sandwich business to fulfill his passion for cooking. He then added salads, fermented vegetables and vegetable spreads, all prepared in his mother’s flat and delivered by bicycle. After meeting Tatiana Bossy (now his business partner, wife and mother of his three children), they gradually expanded the small business and founded Maison Le Grand in 1997. Ten years later, Maison Le Grand has a production plant in Blainville that employs about twenty people and does business in Quebec, Ontario and in the USA. 

Quality first and foremost

Maison Le Grand products shine by the quality and freshness of their ingredients. Each of them are carefully selected by Bernard Le Grand, are 100% natural certified and are transformed by hand. For example, the company only uses fresh herbs delivered a few hours before production. The employees process the raw vegetables into purees, squeeze the lemons and grate the Romano cheese themselves!

This desire to offer only the best, authentic products really comes through in the final result. The chiles, pestos, sauces and soups are preservative, gluten, GMO, dairy, added sugar and sulphite free. They are also low in calories (between 100 and 180 calories per serving), high in fibre (between 10 and 27% of the recommended daily value per serving) and high in protein (between 5 and 12 grams per serving). Top sellers include Garden Pesto (a vibrant blend of basil, parsley and fresh lemon), Thai Soup (with real coconut milk infused with lime leaves and fresh ginger) and the classic Rosé pasta sauce (a creamy sun-dried tomato sauce).

Hippocrates said, “Let your food be your remedy.” Maison Le Grand adds: “And may it taste delicious”.


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