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Moisturization: this fall’s beauty routine essential step

Moisturization: this fall’s beauty routine essential step

During the summer, skin and hair are often harmed by the sun, salt water and the sand. Fall is the perfect time to treat them with top quality moisturizers. Here are ten product suggestions to feel make you feel good…from head to toe!

 Face (dry skin): AQUANATURE Hyaluronic Creme Sorbet – AnneMarie Börlind

This light, creamy-textured gel has been specifically formulated for demanding, dehydrated skin. The intensive moisturising complex, consisting of aloe vera and an innovative botanical hyaluronic acid combined with phytocells from papyrus and marine plant extracts, hydrates the skin, protects it against environmental influences, and improves its powers of regeneration.

 Face (combination skin): Melissa Day Cream – Dr.Hauschka

Thanks to lemon balm and the other medicinal plants with which it is enriched, this natural and organic skin care product calms while helping skin discover its natural balance. Oily shine is controlled and dry patches are hydrated for a calm, radiant complexion.

 Face (oily skin): Light Hydrating Serum – Skin Essence Organics

This organic moisturizer is designed for acne-prone and/or oily skin requiring light hydration. The plant extracts and essential oils have natural healing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help keep the skin clean and radiant, and to prevent the appearance of blemishes.

 Face (mature skin): Phytonagre Cream – Phyt’s

Made of evening primrose and borage oil, this natural and organic anti-aging care moisturizes and revitalizes the skin for a radiant complexion. In addition, it contains vitamin E and the soya oil reduces the signs of aging.

 Face (all skin types): Rosehip Oil – Pai

Just add one to two drops of this concentrated natural and organic oil to your day cream to give your skin an instant boost!

 Eyes: ALLURE DIVINE Reparative eye cream – Mont Echo

This highly hydrating natural care, infused with sea buckthorn, eyebright and lavender, not only smoothes wrinkles, it also refreshes the delicate area around the eye. As a bonus, its light and non-greasy formula is ideal under makeup.

 Lips: Lip balm with hyaluronic acid – Episilk

Made with hyaluronic acid, beeswax and cocoa butter, this balm is formulated to moisturize dry lips. Also, it gives them a 100% naturally plumped appearance.

 Body: Silky Body Milk – NAFHA

This natural and organic body care (packed with natural active ingredients such as argan oil, baobab oil, hemp seed oil, ginseng root extract, aloe vera, etc.) moisturizes, nourishes, softens and firms the skin.

 Hands and feet: Hand & and Foot Cream – Idoine

Rich and creamy, this organic cream contains Labrador tea (which helps neutralize the free radicals responsible for aging skin) and spearmint (which provides a soothing feeling).

 Hair: Phytokeratin Ultra-Repairing Mask – Phyto Canada

For damaged and brittle hair, this keratin-based hair care treatment deeply repairs, in addition to strengthening and giving shine to the hair.


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