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Monoi oil: how to naturally enhance skin and hair

Monoi oil: how to naturally enhance skin and hair

An ancestral skin and hair ritual from French Polynesia, monoi is an oil that intensely moisturizes and regenerates the skin and hair, while giving them a delicate and silky scent. Find out more about this beauty elixir below.

Monoi is obtained by macerating Tiare flowers in copra oil (dried coconut oil). This beauty treatment, which can be used as is or integrated in a cosmetic preparation, can be applid year-round or during the summer as an after-sun treatment to repair skin and hair damaged by UV rays. Monoi soothes the skin thanks to its natural emollient properties. Just apply it to damp skin after showering to maximize its penetration, to obtain a beautiful satin effect or to enhance your tan. As for hair, monoi can be used as a repairing mask (if applied to dry or wet hair a few hours before shampooing) or as a protective treatment (if applied to dry ends before getting a hairdo).

Made from monoi butter and virgin coconut oil, Monoï Océane from the French organic cosmetics brand Laboratoires de Biarritz is available in three natural scents, for a unique olfactory experience and a moment of well-being: Tiare flower, Coconut and Vanilla.

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