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Mother’s Day gift ideas

Mother’s Day gift ideas

Here are 10 gift ideas to make mom happy this Mother’s Day.

 Melia Honey olive oil & sage handmade soap

Made using the traditional cold saponification method, this 100% olive oil soap gently tones the skin and gives it a delicate scent of rosemary, sage, fennel and coriander.

 Pukka herbal tea

Specially designed to help women find balance, this delicate organic herbal infusion is appreciated for its cranberry, rose and vanilla flavours.

 La Pincée spice blends

La Pincée is a local company that offers different blends of fresh and natural spices. Our favorite: Sage & Lemon Fancy Salt (delicious on fish) and Bombay Fine & Fancy Curry (ideal for Indian food).

 Mineral Fusion nail polish

We can’t get enough of the Rose Quartz and Tiara shades of these long-lasting and resistant nail polishes, recognized for their vegan formula, not tested on animals and free of harmful chemicals.

 Le Comptoir Aroma Gypsy diffuser

Not only does it look good, this portable essential oil diffuser produces a fresh and scented mist, for a healthy environment and a soothing atmosphere.

 Camino raspberry dark chocolate

Rich and intense, this chocolate bar is a happy combination of 65% dark organic and fair trade chocolate and delicious chunks of raspberries.

 Melvita Eau de toilette

Certified organic and made from 99% natural ingredients, you will fall in love with Melvita’s eau de toilette. Available fragrances: Wild Roses (with notes of wild roses) and L’Or Bio (with notes of Italian Bergamot, White Jasmine, Fig-tree Leaf, Tiare Flower and Virginian Cedar).

 J’aime les smoothies recipe book

Louise Ricard, author of the J’aime les smoothies recipe book offers more than 100 tasty recipes ready in less than 10 minutes: gourmet smoothies, snack smoothies, weight loss smoothies, energy smoothies and holiday smoothies.

 Camellia Sinensis tea flask

Made of bamboo, this beautiful stainless steel bottle with interior porcelain finish, removable filter and infuser is perfect for tea time on the go!

 BioVibes radiation protection jewelry

The BioVibes bracelet and oval pendant neutralize the negative effect of WiFi waves thanks to their high fullerene carbon content of (C-60), a natural carbon molecule scientifically proven to block electromagnetic waves.


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