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Näak: New generation cricket food

Näak: New generation cricket food

Creating a real buzz in the sport supplements world, cricket powder is undeniably the superfood of the moment. Discover Näak energy bars, made with this ingredient that possesses many health and environmental benefits!

A young company from Quebec

Näak was founded in 2016 by William Walcker and Minh-Anh Pham, two top-level triathletes with the desire to create sports nutrition products that met two criteria: healthy and eco-friendly. After reading a report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) entitled Edible Insects: Future Prospects for Food and Food Security, they decided to develop their own range of nutritional bars based on cricket powder.

Crickets as a source of protein

There are many advantages to consuming cricket powder products. First, crickets are one of the world’s most eco-responsible protein sources. Indeed, the breeding of these insects requires significantly fewer resources than other traditional sources of protein1. For example, crickets use 2,000 times less water than beef for the same quantity of protein and produce 100 times less greenhouse gases2. Also, cricket powder is rich in protein (2 to 3 times more than beef and chicken), iron (twice as mush as spinach), calcium (1.6 times more than milk) and omega-3 (as much as salmon)1.

Näak products

Cricket powder energy bars: In addition to being a sustainable source of protein, these bars are made of whole and natural ingredients, they contain all the essential amino acids and they are rich in vitamin B12 and minerals. Designed for active people, they are also very suitable as a snack for athletes looking to enhance athletic performance.

Cricket protein powder: This 100% natural product – gluten, GMO and soy free – is a high source of protein, vitamin B12, minerals (calcium, iron and potassium) and contains all the essential amino acids. Just add 2 tablespoons of cricket powder in your recipes (smoothies, omelettes, desserts, etc.) or your post-workout drinks to get 8 grams of protein!


 (This content has been developed in partnership with Näak.)


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